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Saying Goodbye to Paper Forms

Stony Valley Contracting is a rock and gravel aggregate company based in Alberta, Canada with more than 20 years experience serving the Oil Sands and Wood Buffalo regional municipality. Having struggled with a paper-based inspection system, the company was hit by a major flood, resulting in the loss of their record archive and the realization that something more robust was needed. Following a lengthy research phase, the company opted for Spence Software's S2Web Mobile solution and now enjoys a more secure and paper-free experience.



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The Challenge

Like many companies that operate in remote parts of Canada, Stony Valley is prepared for difficult and often harsh weather conditions. But using a paper-based data collection "system" for on-site inspections was creating an added challenge for field crews dealing with moving plants and simply getting records from the field to the head office. Following a major flood that washed away most of the company's documents, Stony Valley was forced to reevaluate their entire operating procedures, coming to the conclusion a paperless solution could streamline field operations and empower their back-end data.

Our Solution

After a lot of research into safety applications and demos with large EHS software vendors failed to offer a solution, Stony Valley re-connected with the provider of an under utilized safety software system they had worked with for over ten years—Spence Software. Having recently partnered with Resco, an established European developer of a cloud based data entry application, Spence was able to provide Stony Valley with a turnkey solution for capturing data in the field. As well as converting the company's 20+ paper forms into digital templates, Spence developed a bridge from the cloud data repository to the S2Web database creating a seamless record flow from the field to the head office.

The Results

With new tools and a customized backend safety management system, Stony Valley has transformed the way their business performs without resorting to a costly enterprise solution or IT resource. Mobile devices using S2Web Mobile allow field crews to quickly record inspection details, with uploaded data available in the office within minutes instead of weeks. New capabilities such as the ability to attach photos and signatures contribute to a richer data set improving decision making and reducing the effort required to generate reports. With a more robust data security solution in place, Stony Valley has confidently said goodbye to paper forms forever and can focus on keeping things safe, whatever the weather.

We tried a few demos with bigger and known companies. We did a lot of research on safety applications but couldn't find one that worked for us. Then we reached out to Ron at Spence Software, a company we've been working with for over 10 years. This was the best move we ever made. We couldn't be happier with their new app and services. If you are looking for a company that takes the time to develop exactly what you need, then look no further.

Heather Oulton  |  Health & Safety Manager, Stony Valley

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