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Incidents and Claims Tracking and Reporting Software

S2Web's safety incident management and claims tracking software features provide detailed record keeping capabilities and simple claims processing to cover the full safety incident lifecycle. Record conversations with effected workers and all adjusters, supervisors and witnesses along with comments, actions and supporting documents. Track and report on all costs, reimbursements and employee attendance while on the claim.

Key Features and Benefits

It's all in the Details

With the standard S2Web Incidents form following an industry established pattern, collecting details on unwanted workplace events couldn't be easier. Our standard record format allows you to track a multitude of details to the nth degree including conversations, comments, actions and documents with the option to create your own custom record set if desired.

Let Claims be your Guide

Once an incident progresses to the claims phase, your ability to manage it is made much easier if you can collect every piece of critical information in one place. Whether it is initiated by a personal injury, a motor vehicle accident, property damage or any other cause, S2Web's Claims framework will guide you as to the information needed to resolve the claim as quickly as possible.

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