Health and Safety Software

What is EHS software?

EHS management software systems are cloud based safety applications proven to raise the level of safety program awareness and participation across your organization resulting in lower incidents and higher productivity.

Need a Custom Solution?

For large organizations with complex safety software requirements, Spence offers custom software development services for extending S2Web's capabilities or integrating S2Web with other business applications.

About Spence Software

Spence Software is one of the original safety pioneers and has been developing health and safety software for over 20 years, resulting in S2Web—one of the most capable and cost-effective solutions available.


Introducing S2Web Safety Management Software

With an impressive suite of safety and human resource management features plus an integrated document control system, S2Web is a complete safety management system for reducing risks and incidents as well as simplifying auditing and regulatory compliance. S2Web's features include employee performance and safety training and tracking, inspections and job hazard analysis, incident and claims management. S2Web is affordable, easy-to-use and comes with dedicated customer support.

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Make the Move to Paperless

Find out how S2Web Mobile can transform your business operations with timely and secure data flow from frontline workers.

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