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People Management Employee Safety & Human Resources Management

S2Web's extensive employee safety management software tools provide you with a 'big picture' of your employee's well-being in the workplace. Track and report on a broad range of employee safety and HRM performance indicators. Stay on top of contractors to ensure they meet safety standards and insurance requirements. Assess the safety history of new applicants before you hire them.

Key Features and Benefits

Extensive People Management Tools

S2Web's People management module features an extensive collection of tools to help you maintain a 'big picture' on individual and overall workforce performance across a multitude of records including attendance, discipline, skills, work and medical history, driver's license and possessions.

Engage Your Workforce

For any safety program to be effective, you need buy-in from your employees. S2Web's My Info features allow workers to review their own safety records and make valued contributions such as workplace hazard tips and general program improvement suggestions.

Contractor Prequalification Software

Virtually all of the features that can be used to manage your employees can be applied to contract workers and subcontractor firms. At your disposal are safety performance and insurance pre-qualification questionnaires to ensure contractors are in compliance with your safety and employment standards in advance of hiring them.

Hire with Confidence

Good hires are essential for team morale and productivity. S2Web's Applicants module provides effective HR management tools for pre-qualifying candidates and grading their suitability, with the ability to switch them to employee status at the click of a button.

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