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S2Web's Actions features are where the rubber meets the road in making significant safety improvements across your organization. Schedule Meetings and establish formal step-by-step procedures through Job Safety and Job Hazard Analysis (JSA/JHA). Easily input Inspections and Safety Observation details using custom data entry forms and add scoring and quality ratings to raise your safety standards even higher. Identify and fix costly production line issues with Nonconformance.

Key Features and Benefits

Make Meetings Productive

S2Web's Meetings features allow you to compile action items and assign ownership and completion timeframes. Using safety orientated work orders you can track their progress through to completion. Email notifications, scheduled reminders, sign-offs and supporting documentation are all at your fingertips so you can be pro-active with your safety efforts.

Go Paperless

Built into S2Web is a flexible forms 'engine' for generating custom data entry forms, creating a paperless solution that can significantly reduce errors. Data from audits, safety observations, inspections, or just about any type of safety information can be collected both in the office and at remote locations.

Manage the Gaps

Integrated charts and reports allow you to track the progress of Action items with email notifications generated automatically when these become due. Comparisons can be made between different groups in an organization to determine where the gaps are in completing actions.

Rollout a Rewards Program

As part of S2Web's Inspections module you can add scores and quality ratings allowing you to grade safety records and make quantitative as well as qualitative assessments. These often create a competitive environment and can be used to create simple reward programs, further engaging your staff and raising your safety standards bar even higher.

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