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Nova Scotia Power Inc. is a privately owned power utility operating as the sole provider of electricity to over 500,000 customers across Nova Scotia. Involved in all aspects of supply from generation to transmission and distribution, the company uses a mix of energy sources including traditional fossil fuels with a growing percentage of renewables including, wind, tidal and biomass. Their large employee and contractor roster, diverse range of activity and aggressive green generation targets place a huge demand on environmental and health & safety management systems.



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The Challenge

Prior to adopting S2Web, Nova Scotia Power was conducting annual safety audits across over 100 different locations in the Province. The audit had to be customized for each site and the figures tallied manually. The methodology involved the use of spreadsheets and the safety department was required to visit the sites to ensure compliance, making the audit a complex and very time consuming exercise for the company.

Our Solution

A custom modification to S2Web’s Inspection application was made to enable each site to define its own localized template of the safety audit, incorporating only the questions that applied to their location. This removed any potential confusion and meant that staff would not have to waste time entering unnecessary information. Each site was made responsible for entering safety program data and producing their own annual audit summary.

The Results

With active, more accessible data available throughout the year, the safety department is able to track the progress of the sites to see how they are fulfilling their safety program obligations. Mandatory site audit visits are virtually eliminated resulting in considerable time and cost savings. As an added benefit, each site is aware of how others are doing, encouraging them to improve their own safety performance rating.

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