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Cummins Sales & Service is the supply arm of the global Cummins parent company. Like many large corporations, Cummins understands the link between safety best practices and being an attractive employer with a productive workforce. To meet their goal of continuous improvement, a safe working environment is considered a top priority and the company integrates safety into daily business through awareness, education and various rewards programs. All facilities undergo frequent safety audits and corrective action reviews to maintain their OHSAS 18001 (health & safety) and ISO14001 (environmental) safety certification.



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The Challenge

Following a directive from Cummins' safety department, each branch office across Western Canada was to conduct a set number of safety meetings every month. In addition, each office was to be responsible for providing safety software training for their employees. While S2Web records this data by default in the Meeting and Training modules, the company wanted to go further and find out exactly how many hours were being spent and to calculate costs.

Our Solution

To meet this challenge, a custom S2Web report type was built to consolidate data accumulated from their twenty-five different branch offices—all at the click of a button. Displayed in a spreadsheet format the report shows key cost indicators with annual and quarterly totals for hours spent on training as well as details on what courses were taken.

The Results

With a customized version of S2Web safety software, Cummins' management team can see at a glance the entire proactive safety investment the company is making at each branch office on a single spreadsheet. The safety manager can produce a report easily and quickly for any year that is requested.

Spence Software’s S2Web safety management software is an important record management tool that ensures that Cummins Sales & Service remains compliant with all provincial and federal Occupational Health and Safety regulations, as well as NSC safety standards. The available modules are customized to meet our specific needs with respect to training, inspections, incidents and completion of initiatives aimed at improving our HSE performance. Spence Software shares our goal of continually improving the S2Web database to meet evolving HSE requirements.

Mariette Cyr  |  HSE Administrator, Cummins

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