Why use safety software?

By systematically tracking and reviewing safety initiatives and directly engaging your workforce, safety systems can reduce hazards and incidents across your organization resulting in significantly lower operating costs and higher productivity.

Need a custom solution?

For organizations with large, complex safety program requirements, Spence offers application development services for extending the capabilities of S2Web modules or integrating S2Web with other third-party applications.

About Spence Software

Spence Software is one of the original safety software pioneers and has been developing Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) systems for over 20 years, resulting in one of the most capable and cost-effective solutions available.


A Complete Safety Solution

With an impressive suite of safety & HR modules and an integrated document library, S2Web is a complete Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) solution for managing all aspects of workplace safety including employee performance and training, claims management, equipment and asset tracking, auditing and regulatory compliance. S2Web is easy-to-use, very affordable and comes with dedicated support and complimentary customer on-boarding.

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Improve your safety AND your bottom-line

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